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Aristry and Design

  Writing on the Wall'

 Words, literary or otherwise, are the latest word in decorating, you see them - in quotations, bits of poetry and lines of love letters - to be found on little tables and desks, bed linens, fireplace surrounds and on the walls.  You can add a fascinating jolt of interest to a plain room.

 The written word has taken on a alternative look when looking for something different for your home.  You can easily achieve the effect of a popular adornment for fabrics and accessories as well as the walls.

 You can easily achieve this effect on a pillow or a clay pot, using lettering that is as simple or as elaborate as you like.

 Practice writing a few lines on paper with paint markers, decide what you want to write;  Latin or French (going back to you school days) perhaps you have a favorite quote, have you thought about your dining room chairs, use in your kitchen where you can list exceptional restaurants or outstanding entrees.

 You can write directly on most surfaces, including fabric, wooden trays, lamp shades and pottery.  Markers are available in various sizes of points, you'll find the standard colored markers, and you'll also find an array of the metallic colored markers and oil-paint markers - the surface you use will depend on the markers or brushes you will use.

 In addition to writing on a small item - don't forget a larger "canvas" on which you can paint.  Have you considered furniture and large wall areas - a fantastic surface on which you can stencil. For ideas scan magazines ,  books, and articles in newspapers.- the list of opportunitys are tremendous.   When doing stencils you will want to use the latex or acrylic paints or if you prefer, use the oil paints

- usually found in small jars or oil paint sticks for use with the stencil brushes.

 In recent years, appliques have come on the scene. You will find them used as single words, a group of words and very large appliques for a wall design.

An innovative way of adding a new dimension to your room.  Easily applied and stenciled, plus will give the area a tremendous visual impact.

 The photo shows a monogram on the fabric of a dining room chair - simple but just adds a touch of class to your room.   The chair is a product from French Laundry Furniture and we have access to their product.

  Explore the possibilities!

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