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Design and Artistry

Refresh and redecorate . .

             ready for resurgence of wall paper?

 Wall covering designs are more exciting than ever due to innovations in technology and the development of new substrates.  The look has changed dramtically - the trend is for a very dramatic look.

 According to Susanne Ashley, director of product development "New innovations in technology have allowed the wall coverings industry to create wall coverings with more shimmer and texture using metallic, pearlized, glittered and dimensional inks.  Wall coverings are being embellished with glass beads and sand designs, which give visual and tactile texture"

 Fashion has introducewd an abundance of patterns, a large portion of that influence is in the green movement.  You will be seeing florals, leaves, tree branches, butterflies, dragonflies, birds which many times are presented in silhouette form creating shadows.

 Do you remember the days of grass cloth?  Grass cloth is made from natural materials of bamboo, grasses and sisal and yes, they are back in style.

 You've fallen in love with the new pattersns, you've selected your wall paper - where do you go from here?  Not all styles work in the same way. 

 You can cover all four walls.  A classic, simple stripe design hung horizontally on all 4 walls will give you a contemporary look.

 You are going to feature one wall - choose a dramatic, bold pattern to highlight an area of the room: behind a sofa or bed.  Use a hint of the metallic, mica or shine.

 Wall paper with a chair rail.  You can either wall paper the lower portion and paint the upper portion of the room - better yet.  Use a large-scale floral or damask for an updated look, this will create an element of surprise not often seen in rooms.  It is back in style.

 I've always said - consider the 5th wall.  Add interest to your ceiling by doing painted squares wall paper and then add touches of metallic.

 Give it a try.

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