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I am a furniture builder and also remodel buildings and have worked with Jan Abbe in both capacities. I have found her work to be the highest quality and she comes to each project with knowledge and creativity. We often give tours of one of the buildings that Jan helped to plan and decorate, and the people who see her work are amazed at what she has done. As a bonus, Jan is pleasant to work with and helps bring out the design we want rather than forcing her ideas upon us.

--- Paul E. Iverson Owner: God's Wood (a woodworking shop)

"Thank you for all your help, talent, expertise, & patience. . . . I just love my new room - it is truly beautiful and is just going to get better when you finish the final touches. It's a jewel!"

--- M.B.

We have known Jan Abbe for about ten years. During that time we have found her to be a complete joy to work with: talented, creative, supportive and thoroughly professional. She’s a rare talent in that while she has brilliant ideas of her own, she is more than willing to take suggestions and make them work. We have loved working with her.

--- Paul & Cease Giddings Co-owners FolkWorks Gallery

Our goal was to have the townhouse completed in a 4-6 month period. That is decorated and furnished and ready to live in. Jan made that happen. She has wonderful ideas that made our town home a show stopper, and we had fun living and entertaining in such a nicely decorated home. She is a lot of fun, a hard worker and has an abundance of artistic talent.

She has the ability to put things together in such a way that it is awesome. Thanks Jan!

--- Nicki

People keep saying “What’s a Jan Abbe?” I asked one of my clients to define “a jan abbe”. Her reply was:

“You have a way of putting things together, you create a lot of style and add unexpected elements in the room, your product is high quality. And always, the artist’s brush in your hand creating that unique artistry just for me”

And oh, yes! You always add just a touch of whimsy. The end result is achieving an extraordinary interior that is uniquely ours.

--- Marcy

Congratulations on being chosen for the Brandies Mansion project. Way to go, classmate! Nice write-up in the CHS Alumni News.

--- Maury E.

I have finally visited your website and once again YOU have created yet one more treat for my sorry old eyes. YOU are truly blessed with the talent and skills for creating magnificent beauty. May God continue to bless you so richly.

--- R.A.

Great article in the Times Harold. Sounds like a very nice project. You have a true art, keep sharing it!

--- Mike

My chair pictures look amazing in the keeping room. They look like they were made for the room. I am delighted that so much of my home has the "Jan Abbe" touch all throughout. It brings peace to my heart and a smile to my face.

--- K.R.

Just back from vacaction, hard to know where to start. I did go to the condos this A.M. and am I ever impressed! You did a fantastic job, Jan. I just can't say enough. I love the brick you added and also love the place you put them. They look so neat. Love the TV room also. I know you had lots of input and I am so thankful to have you on board for me.

--- Diane